Peace and Pride from the Nitty-Gritty Writer’s own “Rubyfruit Jungle”

In 1977 I fell in love. I was 14. Typical childhood right of passage. Except I am a societally defined woman, and so is she. I remember thinking that I wanted to marry her. Hell, I would have even done the dishes for her. (Those of you who have read Rubyfruit Jungle will likely getContinue reading “Peace and Pride from the Nitty-Gritty Writer’s own “Rubyfruit Jungle””

#OwnVoices: Is it my story to tell?

“Mimi, is that weird?” “Is what weird, Lil?” Her grandma stopped typing on her phone and looked up. “That.” I pointed toward her feet with a soap-bubble-filled finger. She was leaning against the sink, keeping me company as I washed. To me, it was obvious. “Standing. You know. Aren’t you afraid of falling? It’s justContinue reading “#OwnVoices: Is it my story to tell?”