100 x 100: Will you commit?

After telling a friend that I struggle to find time to write, we had the following conversation. HER: Do you send text messages? ME: Of course. HER: Write tweets? ME: You know I do. HER: How many in a day? ME: I know where you are going with this, but – HER: How many? ME:Continue reading “100 x 100: Will you commit?”

Building a masterpiece: 5 reasons to resist throwing your WIP in the trash

Pushing through the feeling of inadequacy gives you a great opportunity to build a new character for the manuscript (or an idea for a new one). That feeling of fear, of never being able to get it right? Do not give it to it. Instead, name it.

Going back in time: 10 Key Steps to writing a flashback scene

On my way to completing my first manuscript I had to figure out how to get all of the important backstory pieces into play. I knew the importance of immediacy as a main ingredient to fiction writing. I knew going back in time should be used sparingly because it halts the forward motion of theContinue reading “Going back in time: 10 Key Steps to writing a flashback scene”

Novel writing: Tools, a niche, and a tribe

Writing is not easy. It is a craft. And to be good at any craft, you have to assemble your tools, find your niche, ban with those who can help you succeed, and study with focus, intent and dedication. There are no shortcuts. Only by doing the work on the front end will you beContinue reading “Novel writing: Tools, a niche, and a tribe”