Sliding into 2019 as an author

On December 15, 2018, Sandman was released to the world. Sandman was my first attempt at a full novel. Before 2018, I had no idea what writing, editing, and publishing a book meant, not really. I also did not realize that writing “The End” or finding a publisher is not the end game. Oh myContinue reading “Sliding into 2019 as an author”


I write psychological thrillers. Recently, I found several hashtags that brought forth a wealth of information for my psyche obsession. If you, too, write about things that go bump in the dark, whether the bump is real or in the mind of your protagonist, I recommend spending a bit of time on Twitter.   HereContinue reading “#heebiejeebies”

Novel writing: Tools, a niche, and a tribe

Writing is not easy. It is a craft. And to be good at any craft, you have to assemble your tools, find your niche, ban with those who can help you succeed, and study with focus, intent and dedication. There are no shortcuts. Only by doing the work on the front end will you beContinue reading “Novel writing: Tools, a niche, and a tribe”