7 Tips For Revision

Are you ready to start the revision process but not sure where to begin? Here are some ways to analyze your work in progress (WIP). CHAPTER TITLE HEADINGS Make sure your WIP is easy to navigate by creating chapter title headings. If you are unfamiliar with this process, you can read more about it onContinue reading “7 Tips For Revision”

A writer should never skimp on editing: 5 types to consider before you hit send

Editing is complicated.There are lots of different editing types. It is expensive. Charges are all over the place. And when you are trying to break into the writing business knowledge about process and money to support front end expenses is often scarce. BUT. And it is a big but. If you do not do your homework and invest on editing, you are likely not going to go as far as you otherwise might.

Novel writing: Tools, a niche, and a tribe

Writing is not easy. It is a craft. And to be good at any craft, you have to assemble your tools, find your niche, ban with those who can help you succeed, and study with focus, intent and dedication. There are no shortcuts. Only by doing the work on the front end will you beContinue reading “Novel writing: Tools, a niche, and a tribe”