Sliding into 2019 as an author

On December 15, 2018, Sandman was released to the world. Sandman was my first attempt at a full novel. Before 2018, I had no idea what writing, editing, and publishing a book meant, not really. I also did not realize that writing “The End” or finding a publisher is not the end game. Oh myContinue reading “Sliding into 2019 as an author”

Writing Tips That Have Served Me Well

In December, my first novel will hit the selves. That both excites and terrifies me. It also gives me pause. It has been a journey like the journey of most aspiring authors. I started full of ideas and passion. It got hard. I got stuck. I stopped. I got a renewed sense of determination. IContinue reading “Writing Tips That Have Served Me Well”

Close your eyes to see

Editing sucks. There. I said it. Except it doesn’t have to, or at least I don’t think it does. I am not saying that it doesn’t stink when your editor or beta reader says something like, “Good premise, but I can’t connect to the character” or “I like where you were going, but the scene fellContinue reading “Close your eyes to see”

Are you making compelling characters? 5 questions that will help you decide

1) Does she make a memorable first impression? Think about someone you recently met. You began creating an impression of that person before he or she even mutter a word. Before dialogue begins, we need to know where your character is in space and how she is absorbing it. Show us her body language. YouContinue reading “Are you making compelling characters? 5 questions that will help you decide”

Your lack of respect for commonly confused words, confuses me

Yesterday a had a conversation that went, in part, like this: ME: Your idea is good, and your protagonist is quite original and fun. One thing I would recommend is to research commonly confused words. HER: It doesn’t matter. The reader will know what I mean. ME: But it does matter. If you want toContinue reading “Your lack of respect for commonly confused words, confuses me”