#OwnVoices: Is it my story to tell?

Is it my story to tell?

“Mimi, is that weird?”

“Is what weird, Lil?” Her grandma stopped typing on her phone and looked up.

“That.” I pointed toward her feet with a soap-bubble-filled finger. She was leaning against the sink, keeping me company as I washed. To me, it was obvious. “Standing. You know. Aren’t you afraid of falling? It’s just weird.”

Lillie is just shy of twelve. She has cerebral palsy and has never taken a step. The world from her chair is very different and very similar to what the rest of us experience as we walk through life. I am learning so much from the conversations the two of us have.

Recently, I asked her if she would ever consider writing a story. A story in her words, with characters created in her mind, with a main character in a wheelchair – an “Own Voices” story.

#OwnVoices is a hashtag created in 2015 by Corinne Duyvis. Since its creation, it has spread into a beautiful movement highlighting the stories of those who live in the margins of society in their own voices.

Here is what you need to know when considering an “Own Voices” story:Continue reading “#OwnVoices: Is it my story to tell?”

4 Tips For Creating A Twitter Bio

new-piktochart_21984579_9293c606fb4bfa499bb1805461efc06609df56a9 4 tips for creating a Twitter Bio that works for you

I am a writer. If you are here, I suspect you are, too. So how does someone who loves words and more words tell all the words in only 160 characters?

Focus + Wit + Polish.

It is that easy, and that hard. Think of it like writing a piece of micro fiction. It is an opportunity for creativity.

The following four tips are designed to get you thinking about what you want your followers and potential followers to know about who you are, what you do, and why they should continue to connect.

CALL TO ACTION: Do you want followers to get to know your product? Visit a particular publishing company’s site? Buy your book? Share writing highs and lows using your hashtag? Make a stand for a marginalized group?Continue reading “4 Tips For Creating A Twitter Bio”

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