Interview with horror writer, Mia Carter

Today I had the honor of interviewing author, Mia Carter. Her debut novel is titled, The Dare. It was released in 2018.

the dare bloody hand300Mia, I got spooked just looking at the cover, so I want to start there. How did you decide on the cover art?

I had fun picking out the cover, there were so many to choose from, and I wanted the cover to stand out. Initially the bloody hand was on the printed copy and I had a bloody knife for the ebook, and the more I kept looking at the bloody hand the more I knew it had to go onto the ebook cover as well.

Is there a place in the novel where this visual will play out?

There is a part in the book that this does draw from, it is a murder scene in the book and that’s all the spoiler I’ll give!

Fair enough. I want to hear more about the genre where you place yourself. I find it fascinating that you are a YA author who writes with a touch of romance and a touch of horror. Can you share a little bit about why you decided to write in this genre?

I started in the genre/category of YA. But since I was introduced to the New Adult genre, or NA, I have decided that is where my work best fits. It is best suited for, I’d say, 18+ age-range readers. As for why, well, I have always loved action, thriller and horror movies, and my books just went in that direction. When I got “old enough” to read romance novels, I realized there was a whole new world of books out there. And just like that I wanted to incorporate the steamy genre with the thriller genre.

I heard you actually wrote The Dare when you were in high school. Is this true? Yes! I wrote it when I was… fifteen… eek! I had to grow it up quite a bit.

A lot of authors say that, I think. Age definitely has its advantages.

Why did you wait until 2018 to publish?

Honestly, it was fear that held me back. I was so scared of what people would say if mia carter photothey read my books that I just kept them for me. I hate to admit it, but that is the only reason I sat on them for so long. I am still scared, but I believe there is a time for everything and the time for The Dare is now. As a novel, it could never have been this story had I released it before “life” happened! Fifteen-year old me is quite different from… gasp… 37-year-old me.

The fact that there was so much time in between, and that it needed to be told now instead of then, makes me wonder how much research went into The Dare. Can you tell us a bit about that?

Oh my goodness, a ton! I am surprised no black SUV’s showed up at my doorstep at some of the things I had to research.

I can only imagine!

I had a friend help me for the accident scene. Google was a primary source in many other scenes. Some pieces I even drew from ideas based off of TV shows I watched. All of that was sprinkled with a little creative license.

It is so interesting to me that this book was so many years in the making. If you had it to do over again, what would you do differently?

This goes back to believing that there’s a reason things happen at certain times. Life happened and made The Dare what it is now, and I wouldn’t change anything. I would, however, go back and possibly spend the money for an editor. Being an indie-author on a budget, and a book that size, an editor wasn’t cheap!

Good work never is, but I absolutely think the money spent for a good editor is an investment in oneself.

Now that you have this novel under your belt, what can your readers expect next?

Oh, get ready for She Danced in the Night, Part One: Marked for Death!


It’s completely and totally different from The Dare. It is still thriller/suspense/romance, but I have added a myth that comes to life and terrorizes a rural town in France. I have a few more books waiting in the wings as well and a sequel to The Dare is building in a notebook somewhere. I also am co-author on another book that is due to release some time this year.

You are certainly busy. In addition to all of that, I know you are also involved with #empoweringfemalewriters, which is getting some attention on Instagram. What was your inspiration for this?

That hashtag really started to gain momentum when the women writing fiction group got going. I’m not sure who originally started it, but it’s been great seeing these tags grow!

On your social media pages, you pay it forward for many fantastic indie authors. If you could only give a shout out to three, who would they be and why?

Only three???!!!!! Oh my goodness, that is so hard. Everyone I have connected with has been so helpful and supportive in so many ways. There’s so many groups that I’m a part of that have amazing authors. I hope no one gets upset. I’d mention everyone if I could.

Oh man… ok

@kara_s_weaver – She’s been incredibly supportive and encouraging since I joined IG, and she’s such a fun person to chat with.

@all_things_lisa – She has been so helpful with questions any of us have had. She has quite a few books out there, and she is so knowledgeable with Amazon KDP, character building, and so much more.

@letztalkbooks – He has been building a site and making an indie network that is growing each day. He posts about cover designers, editors and other people and tools that can help us indies on a budget.

I wish I could list everyone, there have been so many great new authors I’ve met!

I wish you could, too. I am a firm believer in holding one another up. Time is getting away from us. Let’s step outside of the novel realm for the remainder of the interview.

Readers always want to know about pets. Do you have any pets?

I do! I have two canine fur kids, (aka writing assistants). They are both five and keep me on my toes!

A little birdie told me you are an avid action/horror movie watcher. I guess I should have known that from your novel and genre choices. LOL. What is your favorite movie and why?

Hahaha. That’s the same as asking me to shout out to three of my friends on IG. Oh gosh. There are so many movies I love. Dawn of the Dead would be one of my favorite zombie movies. I love the classic Dracula’s with Christopher Lee. Indiana Jones for action is in the favorites too! There are just too many. 

Okay. Your favorites make me want to go back to your novel for just a minute. Most of us dream of someone coming across our work who can turn it into a movie. How about you?

That would be a huge dream come true!

What would that look like for you in a Utopian world?

I have a soundtrack in my head for it. I know who I would want to do the score. I haven’t gone as far as casting, but if The Dare (or any of my books) became a movie, I would be elated beyond elated. I would love for it to be shot on location in Colorado as well.

I would love anything shot in Colorado.

Last questions. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?


I’d have to pick a mountain town here in Colorado like Estes Park, Grand Lake, Steamboat Springs, or some where like that. I love the mountains, I love forest settings, and there’s just something about the wind rushing through the pine trees that is so calming and inspiring to me.

Thank you for chatting with me today.

Thank you so much.


You can purchase The Dare on Amazon.

Connect with Mia on her website.

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