Reading through the Ages: YA Book Recommendations for Teens of Any Age!

If you are looking for books for yourself or a YA reader in your world, check out this amazing age-appropriate list.

Vicky Who Reads

Based on popular demand, I have some reading recommendations for teens of all ages! I have a more complete list of some of my most relatable reads coming in the future in partnership with someone else, so you’ll have to wait on that, but for now, here are some reading recommendations for teens 12+!

This post was going to be long, and I don’t have the time to write it all up. So I picked my top 5 from each age to write more in depth about, and also included more recommendations below it!

I wanted to cover the widest range of teen ages that I’ve personally been through, and some books I really wish I read when I was older (*cough*Winterspell & Across the Universe*cough*), and others I could have really used when I was younger.

Some ages (all ages, really)–twelve and thirteen…

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